Giving Back

Scholarships & Funding Opportunities

Those of us who care passionately about teaching and learning keenly understand how even a small contribution can offer much needed support and access to valuable educational programs. Perhaps you want to honor or memorialize a friend, mentor, family member, or teacher. You may not know anyone who attended here, but you see the positive impact the community receives from our partnerships, and want to help other teaching licensure candidates get the resources they need to contribute to student learning in our schools. Your gift can sustain those things that are important to you.

Give Now to Support Future Teachers


It is the goal of the UNC Asheville Department of Education to foster meaningful relationships with alumni and other community stakeholders. These connections ultimately strengthen our ability to prepare highly qualified teachers who will contribute to the teaching profession and positively impact students in the public school system. If you are interested in finding out more about how you might contribute to the process of preparing new teachers to enter the classroom, please contact us at or 828.251.6420.