Lateral Entry

The State Board of Education is phasing out the “Lateral Entry Pathway”. This pathway will no longer be offered effective June 30, 2019. The entire lateral entry route will formally close and all candidates employed under this license option must have all requirements satisfied as of June 20, 2022.


  • What is Lateral Entry?
    Lateral Entry teachers can take classes through UNC Asheville’s distance education program. Lateral Entry courses fulfill requirements for regular classroom teachers and exceptional children teachers who are hired as lateral entry teachers in the state of North Carolina. Courses last four weeks (summer) to eight weeks (each semester) and meet specific competencies outlined by the Regional Alternative Licensing Center (RALC).


  • Do the classes meet online, or in person?
    All classes are offered online through Moodle. Some courses have sessions via teleconference in addition to the online coursework.


  • How do I apply?
    First, you must have a Plan of Study from RALC, issued prior to April 2019. If you have a RALC issued prior to April 2019, please complete these steps to apply to the program.


  • I do not have a RALC issued prior to April 2019. Do you have a Residency program I could complete instead?
    While UNC Asheville is authorized to have a Residency program, we unfortunately do not have one at the moment. In the event that we create one, please add yourself to our email list (below) if you would like to be notified.


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