Current Student FAQ

How do I declare my major/minor?

Students can declare their major/minor here.

Can I major in education at UNC Asheville?

No. But that is a good thing! At UNC Asheville, you can complete a degree in one of the liberal arts disciplines offered here, and earn your K-6 or K-12 Special Education teaching license in addition to your major. For all other licensure areas, you must major in the subject you will teach.

Unlike those candidates who major in education at other universities, candidates who seek licensure through UNC Asheville have a two-pronged career path. They can teach, of course, but they can also get a job related to their major field of study. UNC Asheville program completers can go to graduate school in education OR in their major academic discipline.

What tests do I have to take to become licensed?

The answer to this question depends on your individual circumstances. In general, everyone is expected to demonstrate adequate ability in reading, writing, and math. Many do this by taking the PRAXIS Core Academic Skills for Educators test. Some people are exempt, though, from all or part of the PRAXIS Core. Consult with your education advisor to figure out which of the following requirements applies to you.

I have heard that UNC Asheville’s program takes five years to complete.

With careful planning, undergraduate students can complete their degree and licensure coursework (including student teaching) in four years. If you are interested in licensure, it is in your best interest to contact the departmental administrative assistant as soon as possible; you will be assigned an education advisor who will help you plan your course of study.

When should I take the PRAXIS Core (if I am required to take it)?

You must take the PRAXIS Core during the semester in which you are enrolled in EDUC 210 & 211. You cannot be formally admitted to the program until you have taken PRAXIS Core (or met the requirements for its equivalent).

For more information on who has to take the Praxis Core, please see the Praxis Core Requirement document.

How do I get an education advisor? What if I already have an advisor in my major?

All undergraduate licensure candidates have two advisors: one in the major field or study, and one in education. Having two advisors ensures that you are taking exactly the courses you need and that you will not spend time completing unnecessary requirements.  You will be given a chance to apply for an education advisor during EDUC 210 or your first class in the licensure program.

Can I take any courses during student teaching?

No courses other than EDUC 455 (Student Teaching and Seminar) and EDUC 456 (The Teacher as a 21st Century Professional) can be taken during student teaching. All other coursework must be complete before you student teach.

Where can I find resources to help me understand edTPA?

Here is a page with links to several resources!