Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid

How do you fund your degree here at UNC Asheville? First, familiarize yourself with the UNC Asheville Financial Aid website and the various programs and scholarships available to our students. UNC Asheville is consistently recognized as a “best buy” year after year. Apart from our stellar academics and nationally competitive, low tuition prices, we strive to provide financial assistance to help students remove the financial barriers in obtaining a higher education.

The College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) offers a list of scholarships for North Carolina students. offers a list of reviewed scholarship platforms.


Additionally, the Department of Education supports the following scholarships specifically designed to encourage high-quality students to consider teaching as a profession:

UNC Asheville Department of Education Scholarships

Mary Morrow-Edna Richards Scholarship

NCAE will be awarding scholarships from its Mary Morrow-Edna Richards Scholarship Fund to deserving students who plan to pursue teaching in the public schools of North Carolina. The amount of each scholarship is $1,000.

Forgivable Education Loans for Service (FELS)

The Forgivable Education Loans for Service provides financial assistance to qualified students enrolled in an approved education program and committed to working in critical employment shortage professions in North Carolina. A borrower must complete his or her Approved Education Program, obtain licensure from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and teach in a Qualified Position in North Carolina. Eligible Qualified Positions include employment in a North Carolinapublic school or charter school, a school operated by the State of North Carolina, or a school operated by the federal government in North Carolina.  Employment as an administrator, substitute teacher, or employment in a nonpublic school, community college, or institution of higher education is not eligible for Loan Forgiveness.  Areas of teacher shortage include:  Biology, Chemistry, Comprehensive Science, ESL, Math, Middle Grades, Physics, and Special Education.
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ACS-Hach Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Scholarship.

The ACS-Hach Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Scholarship is awarded to recent graduates with limited work experience and an interest in becoming secondary chemistry teachers. Recipients must be pursuing a Masters degree or becoming certified as a chemistry/science teacher.

Scholarship recipients receive either up to $6,000 for full-time study or up to $3,000 for part-time study.

FLANC Scholarship for World Languages Teacher Licensure Students

FLANC, the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina, offers a $1,000 scholarship for world language teacher licensure students entering their final year of study. Applications are due by September 15.

Loan Forgiveness Programs for Teachers

There are a handful of federal loan forgiveness programs through the US Department of Education.