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Teacher licensure with a real difference!


One Education, Twice the Impact

Teacher Education at UNC Asheville

Major + Teaching License = Career

Through the UNC Asheville teacher licensure program you will have the opportunity to pursue the subject you love while attaining a license to teach it!  In four years you can graduate with both a bachelor’s degree in a specific subject and a teaching license, making you marketable in two areas. 

Depth of knowledge

The powerful combination of a comprehensive liberal arts program, a major field of study and teacher licensure gives you the tools to be a stronger, more effective teacher.   You don’t have to choose between becoming a teacher or studying a subject you love; at UNC Asheville, you can do both.

Professional Practice

Every semester in our program brings an opportunity to observe and assist in a local classroom.  Opportunities like tutoring AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students, participating in our many internship offered, or participating in the experience our Teaching Methods courses provide bring you face to face with the career you love.

International Experience

Whether you choose to study abroad for a semester, take part in an alternative fall or spring break trip, or communicate with students from around the world via Skype, the Department of Education is committed to preparing you to teach in a diversified classroom. 

Scholarly Research

You can participate in the acclaimed Undergraduate Research Program, designing and producing your own project under the guidance of a faculty mentor.


Beyond the Bulldog community that you will share with the larger student body, the Department of Education gives you the opportunity to participate in the larger professional educator community through SNCAE (Student North Carolina Association or Educators).  Building relationships with professional peers, gaining classroom insights, and enjoying the camaraderie of other North Carolina students is encouraged and supported by your well-seasoned faculty.

Content :: Pedagogy :: Professionalism

The goal of the University of North Carolina Asheville teacher education program is to educate effective teachers through the liberal arts with a focus on content, pedagogy, and professionalism.

UNC Asheville students graduate from the Teacher Education Program not just as teachers, but also as experts in an academic field of study. Candidates major in the subject of their choice and take the courses necessary to earn a North Carolina teaching license at the same time, thereby gaining strong content knowledge.  

Whether gleaning knowledge directly from our stellar faculty or participating in experiential learning in a local K-12 classroom, candidates gain expertise in how to teach.  Numerous teaching and learning activities engage candidates in the gaining the necessary pedagogy skills necessary to be effective teachers.

Unlike many other professions, educators have to learn how to interact effectively with a variety of people including students, parents, and administrators, while at the same time answering to the larger society about pressing issues regarding public education.  UNC Asheville’s Teacher Education program teaches appropriate and effective professionalism skills, which provide our candidates with the necessary tools to have a healthy and vibrant teaching career.

This three-prong approach is in line with the university’s larger liberal arts philosophy and is unique within the UNC system, which offers our candidates many advantages.




Ed. Notes, the UNC Asheville Department of Education annual newsletter, is now available online!  Click here!

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UNC Asheville’s Mark Sidelnick Named Art Educator of the Year

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